Thangtong Gyalpo Sickness Liberating Prayer

Thangtong Gyalpo Sickness Liberating Prayer.jpg

Prayer text to be uploaded soon :)

About 'Thangtong Gyalpo Prayer that Liberating Sakya from Sicknesses'

This prayer was composed by the great compassionate Lord Chenrezig. It was passed down to Thangtong Gyalpo's teacher, and from there with the blessing of Lord Chenrezig, this prayer was practiced vastly by many great masters. Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo was renowned as one of the greatest master who spreaded this practice across Tibet.

The brief history of this prayer: Once an epidemic was spreading rampantly at one of the great monastery of Sakya. Whatever the tantra masters tried -- effigies, tormas, medicines, mantras, protection amulets, and so forth -- had no effect, and the monastery was in danger of annihilation. At that time, the great Mahasiddha, Thangtong Gyalpo performed this prayer renowned as the vajra speech radiating masses of clouds of blessing entitled 'The Prayer Liberating Sakya from Disease', during which the entire epidemic immediately ceased in dependence upon its performance.

In the present time of degeneration where sentient beings are tormented by immense sufferings, physically and mentally, by all kind of incurable and unknown sicknesses, this prayer is akin precious soothing nectar. Thus, Rinpoche has compassionately requested this prayer to be uploaded in his website to benefit all beings who have connection to hear this prayer, and particularly for his students who have received the oral transmission and wish to practice it.

May all mother sentient beings be liberated swiftly from their current pains and sufferings.

More audio chants shall be uploaded soon. May it benefits all!