Transcripts of Rinpoche's Teachings

These sections contain the  collections of common teachings which mainly focused on helping students to incorporate the Buddist principles into everyday life, and establishing the fundamental understanding on Dharma, for which if correctly built, will serve as the unbreakable solid ground for more advance teachings and practices. Choegon Rinpoche is very careful and skilful when come to higher practices and meditation instructions. All special teachings shall only be conferred individually or to a predefined group, in accordance to the capacity and readiness of the students. 

Today's people are truly fortunate as there is a vast availability of Buddha's teachings of various vehicles and traditions, which has the power to inspire, enlighten and transform the human minds; quenching their inner thirst in search of the higher truth and deeper insights. However, what the modern practitioners lacking, is not Dharma, but the authentic way of practicing it, internalizing its deeper meaning and merging it into one's daily life.

To facilitate the readers, the collective of teachings here, are arranged according to a specific category. From time to time, additional teachings shall be added to the relevant category. Many readers appreciate this way of teaching presentations as they can access to the compilation of teachings in one place rather than trying to find the required teachings that scattered all over. The categories will be expanded as we continue to transcribe more teachings of Rinpoche.