Joining Dechen Choekhor Puja

To preserve and uphold the authentic teachings and practices of Lord Buddha, Dechen Choekhor welcome everyone who has the kind wish and intention to benefit self and other, to support our year-round special and grand pujas.

There are daily pujas, seven-days special monthly pujas and sixty-five-days yearly auspicious grand pujas of various purposes, including removing obstacles, purifying negative karmas, pacifying negativities, increasing and magnetizing favorable conditions for long-life, good health and abundances, and other prayers for the deceased, etc., perform whole-year round by approximately 100 monks in Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara.

You can choose to support the whole year pujas or join a specific puja of your choice. The sponsorship for all pujas of the entire year is set at USD365 yearly. However, you may decide to offer a higher or lower amount according to your own capacity. Regardless of the amount, offering done with a genuine heart and intention bear great fruits. The sponsors’ name of the whole year pujas will be displayed on the “Benefactor Board” in the main shrine hall of Dechen Choekhor for blessings and merit dedication upon completion of the daily, monthly special and yearly grand pujas. Through your contribution, you will receive all the relevant benefits of each puja.

In the Buddha-Dharma-Sangha Sutra, Lord Buddha mentioned that it is very meaningful to turn mundane wealth into non-mundane, non-ordinary wealth, by supporting the genuine Sangha community and the sublime Dharma. Supporting the Buddhadharma with pure motivation and intentions, accumulate immeasurable merits!

With your constant patron, may the Dharma continue to flourish, and benefit limitless mother-sentient beings. Thank you for supporting us. May all be auspicious!

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Sponsorship can be banked into the account below. Please kindly fill-up the sponsorship form before sending us your contribution. Thank you :)

International Donation

Bank: HDFC Bank, Kullu branch
Account No: 1737 1170 0000 17
IFSC code: HDFC0001737
Swift code: HDFCINBB

Bank Address:
HDFC BANK LTD. (Kullu Branch)
NH-21, Manali Road Dhalpur, Kullu,
Himachal Pradesh 175101, India.

Donation within India

Bank: ASIX Bank
Acc No: 9180 1007 3904 760
IFSC code: UTIB0002032

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