The Meat Blessing Mantra

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Meat Blessing Mantra by Choekyi Gonpo IX

Before consuming any meats, chant the Akshobhya Buddha long mantra for 3 times, follow by 7 times of the Mani mantra and lastly the meat blessing mantra for 7 times. Then, blow onto the meat dishes and visualize the animals received all the blessings; and through the power of the mantra be reborn in a higher migration.

About the Meat Blessing Mantra

Initially, Rinpoche is quite reluctant to transmit this mantra, as Rinpoche said it's not appropriate to teach a mantra that may indirectly encourage meat-consumptions …

However, at the repetitive entreaties of his disciples, out of deep compassion for all, Rinpoche has kindly transmitted the below mantra to be chanted by those who are not observing vegetarian diets. This mantra can also be chanted by non-meat eaters who are joining meal with others that serve meat.

The Detailed Meat Blessing Before Eating

1. Chant the Akshobhya Buddha long mantra for 3 times;

2. Chant the Mani mantra for 7 times;

3. Chant the Meat Blessing mantra for 7times;

4. Blow onto the meat dishes or take a small piece of the meat and blow onto it.

5. Visualize that the meat is blessed by the mantras. 

With a compassionate heart, sincerely pray that the animal received the blessings to be reborn in the higher realm, in whatever forms it may take, to enable them to meet the genuine Dharma and the authentic master; may the Bodhicitta mind arise in them, and may they achieve perfect liberation from the samsara soonest!

5. Then, one may proceed to consume the meat.

If time is a factor, then just chant seven times of the Mani mantra and blow onto the meat. Most importantly is your compassion for the animals whose lives have been taken for foods. Thus, we should never condemn or complain that the meat is not tasty or forced anyone to consume meats that they are not willing to. Through consuming meats, certain karma or relationship is formed between the consumers and the animals.

Meat that Should Not to be Taken

It's crucial for one to be aware that there are generally 3 kinds of meat that are not supposed to be taken according to the Mahayana Buddhism:

a) Animal that's being killed purposely for oneself.

b) One hear the cries of the animal during slaughtering.

c) One see the animal being slaughtered.

In general Buddhism, for meat to be considered pure, the below three criteria must be met:

a) The consumers must have seen that the animal in question was not killed specially for them.

b) The consumers must have heard or confirmed from a trustworthy source that the animal was not slaughtered for food for their specific consumption.

c) The consumers must have no doubt that this is so.

Vegan Foods are Karma Free?

Rinpoche also explained that even if one is not eating meat, it doesn't spare one completely from creating negative karma. This is because all acts of cultivation foods, including vegetables, fruits, grains involve 'killing' to a certain extent. The pesticides and other chemicals used in preserving the crops caused the death of innumerous insects and animals. Even, drinking milk or consuming other daily products will cause us to commit indirect karma … simply because these milk are taken without consent from the cows, which is no different from 'stealing'; and sometimes because of over milking, the calves are deprived of sufficient feeding for survival …

Thus, if the time and condition permits, it would be extremely beneficial to chant all the Akshobhya Buddha mantra before consuming any foods. Otherwise, with a deep compassionate heart, chant "Om Mani Padme Hung" for seven times is good enough. This will help to lighten and purify our karma tremendously!

More audio chants shall be uploaded soon. May it benefits all!