The Mantra for Keeping The Purity of Vows

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Mantra for Keeping The Purity of Vows by Choekyi Gonpo IX

This Mantra helps us to keep the purity all the vows (including the Vinaya precepts; Bodhisattva vows; Vajrayana samayas etc.). We tend to break many vows due to ignorance and carelessness, which hinder our spiritual progress. For Vajrayana practitioners, keeping the vows perfectly is incredibly important and this is one skillful means to help us to do so. Once all our vows are filled with this mantra, our spiritual practices will be improved and increased.

About the Mantra of Keeping Vows

According to Rinpoche, this mantra was taught by Buddha in Sutrayana, that all monks (practitioners) should recite this mantra daily to help upkeep their vows. It's applicable to the keeping of vows related for Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana. It is a very important mantra in Vajrayana, to help practitioners observe their vows (Vinaya precepts; Bodhisattva vows, or Vajrayana samayas), particularly to the monastic sanghas (monks & nuns) where the numbers of vows needed to be kept are huge.

By reciting this mantra will help the sanghas and practitioners to successfully accomplish the vows. Those cannot practice, will be capable of practice. Those who are not skillful at keeping the vows, will be competent to keep. Those who have broken the vows, the obscuration resulted from not keeping the vows well, will be purified.

We tend to break many vows due to our ignorant and lack of knowledge. So, it is extremely important for one to strive to keep mending any violated vows constantly and diligently. By chanting this mantra, it will fulfill all our vows, once our vows are filled, then our spiritual practices will be improved and increased.

This mantra is normally included at the beginning of every Vajrayana daily practices, and it is best to chant early morning (for 3 or 7 times) before you start your practices, that will bless you to keep the vows for the day. Rinpoche suggested to chant it after the 'Refuge Verses', then follow by the 'Bodhicitta Verses'.

Every night, before retire, chant the 100 Syllables Mantra of Buddha Vajrasattva for 3 or 7 times; and confess all the wrong doings we have committed during the day, whether knowingly or unknowing, intentionally or unintentionally, for those we remembered, and those we do not, with deep remorse we repent and confess all deteriorations, breaches, faults and downfalls of the root and branch samayas related to body, speech and mind.

With this, we can be sure that our vows are kept perfectly, which is crucial for one's spiritual progress and advancement.

More audio chants shall be uploaded soon. May it benefits all!