Collection of Messages and Heart-advises from Jetsun Choekyi Gonpo



Namgyalma with Mantra for Choekyi Gonpo's students

My Dear Students and Friends,

In view of the immense challenges facing by my dear students in the past year, and most probably the year ahead, I have initiated a special ten-day Grand Namgyal Tongchod to benefit all my students, particularly those who are inflicted by sicknesses, suffered from constant pains, as well as those struggle with financial challenges, difficulties at home, in work or hindrances in their spiritual practices.

The Victorious One of the Crown Protuberance, known as "Tsugtor Namgyalma" in Tibetan is a Deity of Longevity and Purification. Namgyalma practice is especially powerful and effective in removing obstacles and cleanses negative karmas that hindered good health and long life; pacifying negativities, purifying evil deeds and obscuration, as well as fulfilling good wishes. According to scriptures, her mantra has infinite benefits and blessings. It is said to be so powerful that anybody who hears it will never again be reborn in the lower realms.

On each day of the puja, one thousand sets of torma, butter lamp, saffron water, flower, incense, victory banner, etc., will be meticulously prepared and respectfully offered according to the tantric rituals. At the same time, we will complete ten thousands recitation of the long mantra and ten thousands circumambulation of the holy stupa in these 10 days periods. Such a large-scale puja is only possible to be performed by a big monastery with well trained monks. The blessings and merits resulted from this kind of grand puja will be incredibly powerful and vast.

During these ten days periods, I hope all my students, will endeavor to engage in virtues, and if possible, recite the short mantra of Namgyalma “OM DRUM SVAHA ཨོཾ་བྷྲཱུཾ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ།” for at least one thousand times each day. This will help to pacify whatever obstacles that troubling you at home, at work and accumulate incredible merits for longevity, good health and accomplishment.

Below are some of the benefits of Namgyal Tongchod according to the tantric sadhana:

a) It helps to purify all your sins and their imprints.

b) It helps to pacify all your obstacles of the present and future.

c) It helps to grow and increase your life span, fortune, wisdom and all your other good qualities.

d) After life, you will be reborn in the Pure Land of Bliss.

e) It assists you to swiftly attain the great enlightenment.

To those who merely think of her, may the Glorious Namgyalma fully bestow upon them the siddhis of a perfect life and victory over the hostile Mara of the Lord of Death. May the auspiciousness of this puja prevail in the three worlds and benefit limitless mother beings.  


With much love, care and blessings,

Choekyi Gonpo
March 1st, 2019.

Jetsun Choekyi Gonpo Blessings From Retreat Cell

HUNG written by Choekyi Gonpo.jpg

My Dear Friends and Disciples,

In conjunction with the New Year, I have written a syllable HUNG “ཧཱུྃ” during my months-long retreat and blessed it intensely. Hope this will inspire and increase your faith and diligence, and swiftly realize the ultimate meaning of all Buddhas.

HUNG represents the Vajra mind of all Buddhas of the three times. It is composed from HA, U, MA, three alphabets, and is the mind representation of all Buddhas, Dharma, Sanghas, Gurus, Yidams and Dakinis. In Vajrayana, no syllable is more important than HUNG. All mandalas, all deities are originated from HUNG. It represents the Buddha's mind, the enlightened mind.

HUNG consists of five components, represents the five Buddhas. Lots of mantras contain HUNG as the seed syllable. The root expression of all Buddhas, Yidams, Dakinis and Dharmapalas is HUNG. The sounds of all Buddhas are made-up of different syllables, but the most important one is HUNG. In meditation, you can visualize HUNG, or visualize your body as HUNG. This is very effective in purifying sicknesses, cleansing karma and pacifying obstacles of the path.

In this auspicious month of Bumjur Dawa, especially on the upcoming Chötrul Düchen, I wish all of you, with a happy and open heart, joyfully endeavoring in virtues and merit accumulation.

LOSAR Tashi Deleg & May all be auspicious!

With love and blessings from retreat cell,

Choekyi Gonpo
February 12th, 2019

Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche LOSAR Greetings

Shabdrung Choekyi Gonpo IX.jpg

My Dear Friends and Disciples,

The New Year of the Earth Pig is knocking on our doors! Here too are my warmest wishes for good fortune and best of life.

Like the reception of every New Year, many of us will come up with a list of New Year resolutions and try to accomplish it during the year. I would like to request you to add just one more task to that list, that is -- to LOVE yourself!

Love yourself for recognizing your potential to be a Buddha, a bodhisattva. Acknowledging your Buddha nature, the Bodhicitta within. Cherishing your precious human life and its vessel for making the impossible possible. That's why Lord Buddha said, "The one that we should care most is - our own self." It is through loving yourself and by internalizing the Four Immeasurable Thoughts of Love, Equanimity, Compassion and Joy that your heart be filled with impartial loving kindness, and touched those around you. And, love is contagious. Eventually, the seemingly cold and cruel world will be warmed by your fountain of COMPASSION and BENEVOLENCE.

Bring out your BODDHICITTA nature, even for one minute, an hour, a day or in any small acts of kindness. Do this every day in the coming year, and eventually, you will be amazed that you are naturally practicing it throughout your life without being reminded.

Happy Chinese New Year & LOSAR Tashi Deleg!

With much loves and blessings,
Choekyi Gonpo
Feb. 5th, 2019


Choegon Rinpoche 2018 Message.jpg

My Dear Friends and Students,

We are at the dawn of yet another new year. The first golden rays of dawn fill our hearts with warmth and fresh hopes.

I hope the dawn of this new year will similarly inspire in us the hope for a fresh start; hope to live our life to our full potential; hope to change ourselves into a more compassionate and peaceful human being; hope to become a better dharma practitioner.

The hope for positive change in our world is admirable and necessary. However, it will not come from outside. The change should start from within ourselves. We have to become the change we want to see in our world.

Therefore, I sincerely request all of you to look inward, look into your own lives. Look back at the past year and reflect deeply. Reflect on the deeds that we can be proud of. Reflect on the deeds that we think we could have done better. Reflect on the missed chances to improve our world.

Each one of us is blessed with the potential of Buddha nature to change the world around us for the better. With this human form, we are fully endowed with all the tools to bring the change we want to see. We have the intelligence, the compassion, the wisdom, and the spirituality to create a peaceful and loving family, neighborhood, country and world. Start with ourselves, and endeavor to become more a compassionate, loving, caring and inspiring person.

May all of us be blessed with such courage, wisdom and strength to bring the change we wish for. Wishing you all a fulfilling and blessed new happy year ahead.

Many Tashi Deleg!

Choekyi Gonpo
January 1st, 2019.

Jetsun Choekyi Gonpo 2018 Message


My Dear Friends and Dharma-Sangha Disciples,

Happy New Year!

I am happy that together, we have walk through a significant 2017. During this year, I am delighted to see that more and more of my disciples are practicing the Dharma with advancement. I deeply believe that compassion and bodhicitta are the foundation and method of all practices. I sincerely hope that every one of you, through long-term practice and accumulation of merit, that you will be able to integrate Dharma more and more into your daily life and workplace. And that your spiritual practices and Dharma are capable of nourishing your mind and soul more deeply, benefiting each and every one of you.

I also want to thank you all dearly for your hard works and selfless supports in the Inauguration and Opening of our Dechen Choekhor this year. I am thanking not just for your support in the construction of the monastery, but also your invaluable contributions to our yearly prayers which are fundamental to the continuation and thriving of our lineage practices.

In the past twenty-five years, the construction of this monastery was my foremost responsibility and task. In these twenty-five years, there were countless wakeful and restless nights, incalculable hardships and challenges, innumerable difficulties and setbacks ... but that have never shaken my determination to rebuild the monastery. Until now, I could still recall clearly my root guru - Adeu Rinpoche's words: "You must rebuild Dechen Choekhor; it is the head of Drukpa Kargyu. Without the head, Drukpa Kargyu only left with mere body. Without a leader, it has no life force."

I strive over two decades to fulfill the aspirations and instructions of my root guru. I spent more than twenty years to rebuild the monastery of great importance to Drukpa Kargyu. I suppose this is one of the highest offering of my faith and devotion to my guru. It is the unsurpassed path of my spiritual practice. Here, I hope my disciples too, like myself, could profoundly realize the quintessence of Vajrayana practice. Through completely relying trusting your guru, one enters into the correct unmistaken path of practice.

Well, now, the rebuilding of Dechen Choekhor monastery has finally completed. She is like a kind beautiful mother, always waiting and welcoming the returns of her children with open arms. As the New Year begins, let us share the joy of spiritual practices, soothes each other worries, and enjoys the warmth like a big family.

Last but not least, I want to thanks Lily, whom with tremendous courage and devotion, dedicated her body, speech and mind into serving and fulfilling the guru's wishes. And to my team and all of you, my dear friends and students across the globe, who have for many years, worked tirelessly and selflessly to assist my Dharma activities. In the future, this team will take on more dharma works and responsibilities to serve our big Dharma-Sangha family. Please have faith in your spiritual journey, trust your crew and support their works.

May each of us have a meaningful 2018. May the Dharma be with us. My blessings and protection are with you all, always! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Choekyi Gonpo


Photo caption: The 9th Jetsun Choekyi Gonpo posted with the statue of The 1st Jetsun Choekyi Gonpo, whom are widely known as the Lord of all Vajra Holders of Tsari, the sacred meditation retreat place to the Drukpa Kargyu for centuries.


Druk Choekyi Gonpo IX.jpg

My Dear Dharma Friends,

I hope you all are doing well. Here are the few words I want you all to keep at heart.

Don't expect too much when you practice the dharma. In Vajrayana, your practice itself is the result, the fruit. Thus, practice diligently.

Hoping to achieve any results too fast or too desperately can be an obstacle on the path of Vajrayana. No one can realize the nature of mind too easily, but everyone may have a glimpse of it through the Guru's blessings. Thus, just continue to meditate. The great wise ones say, "It is not meditation, but to get used to or to familiarize with." This means you have to maintain awareness always - that is mediation.

If you can't do this in the beginning, then try to meditate whenever your time permits. But, don't chase for immediate results or expect things to change dramatically. If you do, the Mara will enter. We should not be trapped in hope. If we are trapped in hope, then naturally we will be trapped in fear as well.

Practice the Middle Path. This is especially true for those who have a decent job or career. They should not simply give up their jobs or quit working. Keep the jobs or works, and offer your best to serve mankind and humanity. Just ensure that Dharma is part of your everyday life, your way of life. Be kind and always cheerful and helpful at the workplace. Maintain a joyful heart and treat all with kindness. Find time to practice whenever and wherever you can. Live a healthy life. Be responsible; take care of the people around you. Be skillful; do not project the image of a religious fanatic. Focus on the devotion to your guru. This is the only way to attain realization. According to Vajrayana, if you lose devotion to your guru, it is the sign that the biggest Mara has entered into your heart. Be aware of it!

I want all my students to learn this and take this as their way of lives to cultivate a healthy Dharma-Sangha community. MARA IS EGO. DHARMA IS EGOLESSNESS. That's why we all can be bodhisattvas.  

With much love and blessings,



Mother's love is said to be one of the closest to the unconditional or universal love. There are numerous Sutras expounded by Lord Buddha on the deep kindness of parents and how to repay their kindness. All these teachings highlight the importance of honoring and repaying the kindness of one's parents. In Vajrayana particularly, disrespecting, disregarding or not repaying the kindness of one's parents, is considered a severe transgression of samayas.

Soon after Buddha was born, his mother passed away. After attaining enlightenment, in order to repay his mother's kindness and to liberate her from the cyclic existence, Buddha went to Tushita heaven for three months to teach the holy Dharma to his mother. Even Lord Buddha has to carry out the actions on repaying the kindness of his mother. Thus, it's extremely important for each and every one of us, every humankind, particularly the Dharma practitioners, to remember, to appreciate and to repay the kindness of their mothers.

Buddha acts to benefit his mother.jpg

In the practice of bodhichitta, we always begin with remembering the kindness of our mothers, and with that examples, we develop our bodhicitta mind. Then, extending it to seeing that every living being had been our mothers in the past, to deepen and broaden our love and compassion.

The kindness of mother is boundless and limitless. Owing to her kindness, we were given this precious human life, and gotten the opportunities to do whatever we are doing now, specifically in meeting and practicing the sublime Dharma.

Someone like us, being born by them, and becoming a source of virtues. The sons or daughters, breathing a live of virtuous, and are pursuing the noble path of Lord Buddha. The causes and conditions of all the good things that we are engaging now through Dharma, are wholly due to the kindness of our mothers. That's why our mothers shall be benefited the most from the virtues and merits we have accumulated through Dharma.

Mother's Day is a special day to remember and to repay our mother's kindness. Shower her with much love, respect and appreciation. This is the special occasion to make them happy and offer them the finest treatment. However, from the Buddhist perspective, the best way of repaying their kindness, is through Dharma. Bringing them Dharma, sharing with them the teachings of Lord Buddha, gently and skillfully. Nevertheless, if our parents are not yet into the Dharma, do not force them to practice Dharma. But, start with ourselves. Live our lives in accord to the Dharma, behave and act according to the Dharma. Inspire them through our practices, our attitudes. We should be kind; we should be good. The changes should be first seen in ourselves. When they see the positive changes in us, they will start appreciating the path that we followed, and naturally, their mind will turn toward the Dharma. Even if they do not practice the Dharma as we did, simply living their lives the Dharma way, is much more practical and meaningful than forcing them to be a serious practitioner.

Forcing them is not good. If you force them too much, they may get offended, agitated, and turned against or walked further away from the Dharma. Then, we became the source of their negative karma. It's because of our unskillfulness or incompetency, they rejected the Dharma. We should never force other to do what we do. If we truly love somebody, we should be the leading examples, the models of what they are yearning to see. Maybe, we can persuade them a little, but not too much.

One of the most important aspects of Bodhisattva is skilfulness. We have to be more mentally pure than being physically or verbally pure. Words and actions that may seem inappropriate, but was done with a pure mind and intention that give rise to positive results or virtues, is far more important than speaking the perfect words or performing the noblest acts, which later become the cause of someone else negative karma. Thus, maintaining a pure mind, pure motivation is incomparably more vital than striving rigidly to conform one's speech or action with the Dharma. Every word or deed of the Bodhisattvas, is done with the purest intention -- to benefit beings. Sometimes, what they utter or do, may not seem perfect, but their minds are always pure with their intention and motivation, solely for the benefits of beings.

Wishing all, a happy, meaningful and inspiring Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day!

With all my Warmth and Loving Care,

Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche

11th May 2014